Check CLAMIS for Frizz and Volume Control of your products following National and International methodologies


The flyaway, uncontrolled hair that normally appear on rainy days or with a high humidity are the villain of every woman. The mechanism through which they appear is not very well known yet. However, it is known that the main responsible for their appearance is associated to high humidity and the penetration of water vapor in the fiber.

Thus, to evaluate frizz, it is necessary to control precisely the humidity in which the hair will be submitted. Our humidity chamber was especially developed for this purpose, in order to reduce the frizz of the hair in a controlled way and with the lowest variability possible. From then on, the hair is photographed and analyzed through a software developed internally for the quantification of frizz and area occupied by swatches, since in the process of water vapor absorption, the swatch swells and expands its volume.

With the results obtained through image analysis, it is possible to verify how much the product can control frizz and the volume of swatches after the analyses in different time-points of setting of the swatches inside the humidity chambers such as, for example, 24, 36 or even 96 hours of reduction or control of frizz and volume.

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