Prove the In vivo UVA-PF Determination (PPD) of your product
following international methodologies

In vivo UVA-PF
Determination (PPD)

When using a sunscreen, the sunlight exposure time is increased and sunburns caused by UVB radiation are reduced; however, the UVA radiation dose received is increased, this type of radiation does not cause sunburns, but it deeply penetrates to the skin, and it might cause long-term damages, such as premature aging and gene mutations in the epithelial cells.

As a result, another requirement for sunscreens is that they protect against UVA radiation too, and that the protection is at least 1/3 of the stated SPF. The currently accepted methodology for the in vivo UVA-PF determination is:

  • ISO 24442:2011, Cosmetics -- Sun protection test methods -- In vivo determination of sunscreen UVA protection
In vivo UVA-PF Determination (PPD)

The concept of UVA-PF is the same as the SPF, i.e., it represents the extra time of sunlight exposure, but on this case the protection is specific for UVA radiation.

The methodology ISO 24442 is also used in human beings, and it consists in the determination of the minimum persistent pigmentation dose on unprotected skin (no product applied) and on protected skin (product applied). On that case, the erythema formation is not assessed, but the pigmentation formation, i.e., the formation of melanin (skin darkening). For that reason, this methodology is also known as the evaluation method of the persistent pigmentation dose (PPD), term introduced by the “Japan Cosmetic Industry Association” that published the first internationally accepted method to determine the UVA-PF.

According to the “Measurement Standards for UVA Protection Efficacy” methodology, described by JCIA, the efficacy of the UVA protection can be classified according to the obtained UVA-PF, as described in the table below.

FP-UVA Protection Degree
2 ≤ FP-UVA ≤ 4 PA+
4 ≤ FP-UVA ≤ 8 PA++
8 ≤ FP-UVA ≤ 16 PA+++
FP-UVA ≥ 16 PA++++


Allergisa owns three 300W Multiport Solar Simulators that produce higher intensities of UVA radiation, enabling the enhancement and conduction of UVA-PF studies, in a shorter period of time when compared to 150W Multiport Systems.

We also take part in proficiency tests (interlaboratorial), in order to assure that our results are always close to the main labs in the world.

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