Check CLAMIS para Definition and Maintenance of the Curls of your products following National and International methodologies


Normally, the analysis of definition and maintenance of the curls is done through the total length of the swatches previously curled after their drying in room of controlled temperature and humidity.

However, a visual analysis of curled hair demonstrates that the length of the curls is not the only relevant parameter in a definition and maintenance analysis. It is necessary to take into consideration the space distribution of these curls and how uniform they present themselves, how similar are the curls from a same swatch.

Thus, evaluating the length of the curls and how they are distributed throughout the swatch, it is essential in a definition analysis and, later, maintenance of the curls through time. For this reason, we developed an image analysis that takes into account parameters that translate numerically this space distribution and uniformity of the curls in a same hair swatch.

Definition and Maintenance of the Curls