Efficacy Evaluation and Hair Metrology

Clinical Studies for Hair

The methodologies are divided into two areas of evaluation of hair products: Clinical Efficacy and Hair Metrology.


The area of Hair Metrology is directed, mainly, to proving the efficacy of cosmetic products in hair swatches acquired from certified suppliers and following a strict ethics code.

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The area of clinical efficacy aims to answer to problems related to anomalies of the scalp that alter the healthy aspect of the hair and the quality of life of the people who have these anomalies.

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Created and idealized over 30 years ago, Allergisa aims to solve the most diverse problems related to proving of efficacy and safety of cosmetic products for the skin and the hair.

With an extensive variety of in vivo methods for the niche of skin products, we started, in 2017, a partnership to provide services to the segment of cosmetic products for the hair and, thus, making viable to the sector the most advanced methodologies of the efficacy of cosmetic products in general.

Our mission is to deliver quality and transparency, always helping out clients in the restless search for the ideal product.

Brazil is, today, the number one market in cosmetics of the most diverse types and the formula for this success is in our ethnic diversity that probably makes us the most demanding customers in the world!

The hair market is not different! One single head may contain many different types of hair and for the products to work, it is not enough that they meet only one type in specific. For that, the department of hair metrology and efficacy evaluation of Allergisa has the most advanced methods of evaluation, all of them based on the perception of these demanding consumers. Thus, we assure the satisfaction of the final decision maker: the consumer.