Allergisa is pioneer in Brazil in the cosmetic products
safety and efficacy trials.


Know our History

At the end of the 80's, efficacy and safety studies in dermatological products were singly conducted in universities or private clinics.

Facing the market needs, in 1993, Dr. André Vergnanini, who was a professor of dermatology at UNICAMP, with a wide experience in this field, in partnership with the pharmacists and expert in the area of product development, Samuel Guerra Filho, founded Allergisa.

National pioneer in its working field, Allergisa started performing safety tests and that quickly evolved to the efficacy assessment.

Grupo Investiga Grupo Investiga

Allergisa... A company of Investiga Group

Working with shared ethical and objective values, the companies Allergisa, Perception flyfrog, Dosage, Invitrocell detected that their services and the harmony of their actions were complementary. So they created Investiga Group, that symbolizes the union of the companies completing each other, offering complete and integrated solutions.

Investiga Group Pillars

Investiga Group 4 pillars are the base of the all areas in which our company operates, Clinical Trials, In Vitro Studies, Consumers Studies, Physicochemical Analysis, Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology.

1st Pillar: Human Potential: a multidisciplinary technical team, which comprises diverse fields of technological, scientific and administrative areas.

2nd Pillar: Scientific Potential: Development of internal and external study projects and technological innovation awarded at the most important national and international congresses, such as the Brazilian Cosmetology Congress, IFSCC, Colamicq and Pangborn.

3rd Pillar: Statistical Potential: Investment in professionals and advanced softwares of statistical analysis that guarantee quality control and reliability of analyses.

4th Pillar: Infrastructure: With a 5,200 m2 built area, Group Investiga provides the best conditions for performing its services, ensuring the welfare of its collaborators, assessors and study subjects.

Investiga Group Pillars

Investiga Group, now part of ALS Group

A company leader in testing, inspection, certification and verification with over 15.000 staff members and 350 facilities in 65 countries.

Its laboratories process, every year, 40 million samples and are strategically located in Australia, Asia, North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, being one of the biggest analytical laboratories of the world.

"We’ll expand our services offer, providing culture and business strategy aligned altogether."

ALS and Investiga Group start a new stage that proceeds with the union of two legacies, two brands that come together and result in one single and complementary proposal.

With simple, fundamental values incorporated in all operations:

  • - Safety is a Priority
  • - Honesty and Integrity
  • - Belief in our Capacity
  • - Hard Work and Continuous Improvement
  • - Exceeding Clients’ Expectations
  • - Development of People
  • - Giving our best
  • - Celebrating Success